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Norse Hearts

The long awaited, epic historical romance, Norse Hearts by Robynn Gabel will be available soon.  Here’s the cover reveal!


Norse Hearts is a historical romance set in 760 AD. This was before the wild men of the North made their mark in history at Lindisfarne. After the brutal raid of the English monastery they became known to the world as Vikings.

The story opens with Einar, a well-seasoned Viking warrior, begrudgingly following his jarl’s order to attack and kill the people attending a small church in the little Britain village of Seletun, on the River Ouse. Not finding the riches promised him there, he decides to take a few captives, including the woman he was sent to kill, to help with the loss of profit.

Seraphina, the landowner’s daughter, finds herself trapped in a nightmare on the eve of her wedding. Taken by a man she considers uncivilized, she fights to get back to her betrothed and the lands that are hers by birthright. Caught between a conniving fiancée and a fierce warrior who only sees her as a way to increase his profit and soothe his injured honor, Seraphina will have to decide where her love and loyalties lie.

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