To Leave or Not to Leave Facebook

Should you leave Facebook? I would say no. The milk has already been spilled. And if you think that your personal information hasn’t gotten out before this, if not on Facebook, it has somewhere else. Especially if you have kids, you know firsthand you have no privacy!

With all the social media, apps, email, and internet churning out there, unbeknown to you and me, more information than we ever thought was possible has been gleaned from thousands of clicks and site visits.

In this wild west of exploding technology, where your smartphone is outdated the minute you buy it, how can anyone still believe in the illusion of privacy? When the first computer was created the cat was out of the box.

Think about it. We have mountains of literature and forward-thinking people who have warned us that once a system was created to accumulate data we no longer had a private identity.

We have lost individuality and have been reduced to a number. Starting at the moment of birth we are tagged with a Social Security number. Even the Greeks coined a common saying that covers this. We have opened Pandora’s Box.

No, leaving Facebook is more like closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out. You must use all social media with a bit of common sense. Take precautions in what you are saying. Facebook is a good tool. But like everything else it has its good and its bad. I got started on Facebook all because they had a free game. Who can forget the addiction to Farmville? I have collected pictures, connected with old friends and made new friends. Reconnected with long lost family and also found out things I never wanted to know about people in general. Yeah, I watched all the political muck that abounds with each election. I’m amazed at the lack of self-control many exhibits publically. But I learned a long time ago not to share or discuss religion, politics and especially not to share family issues.

But this electronic meeting place is no different than what humans have been doing since the dawn of time. It’s what we used to do in small towns off of front porches or at the corner drug store. Now it’s just on a universally grander scale. Gossip, share and talk. We get to see the worst and best of humanity in electronic gluttony.

Like any superpower, you can use Facebook for the power of evil or good. I personally like the ease of being able to stay in contact with people and learn new things. And a wise man said, believe nothing of what you read and only half of what you hear.

The silly thing is, we have never had privacy. We just hid things better before Facebook came along. The only way you are going to be able to protect your privacy is to go off the grid and live like a hermit.


Orangeberry Summer Splash Blog Tour

Two weeks ago I went on a cyber journey into the world of blog tours. I learned how comment, reply, re-tweet, re-blog, advertise and post. I was excited when my ‘starter kit’ arrived and it was much easier than I thought it would be.  There was a question/answer form, a fun article prompt, biography and list of all my author pages, website, FaceBook and Twitter links.

I watched and waited, nervous. Then a whirlwind week of hours on the computer!  The following bloggers hosted Windswept Hearts and did an awesome job –   –  –  –   My thanks for their kindness and professionalism.

I found that it gave me much needed exposure, more confidence, and traffic on my book. I met new authors and found some really neat books to read this winter. I will definitely be doing this again.

If you have ever thought about doing a virtual book tour, may I suggest Orangeberry? They have many different promotional packages as well as blog tours. Their next virtual book tour will be Orangeberry Big Bang, running from Jan 2nd to the 31. Sign up deadline is Dec 3rd, 2012. Check it out!

My thanks to Pandora Poikilos for all her work in organizing and tweeting!